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Custom design and production services for entertainers, entertainment companies and individuals wanting bespoke ensembles, be it for a performance or simply to look and feel incredible walking down the street. 

Step 1. The Brief

Send us an email detailing your project and the desired dates for completion.  Please include any reference images, sketches and questions. We will get in touch to discuss your budget and schedule a consultation.

Step 2. Consultation - Design and Planning (larger productions will be negotiated).

To book a consultation there will be a fee of $250 to cover our time preparing sketches and resources. We will take measurements and discuss sketches, fabrics and materials, pricing and create a production plan. You will be provided with a quote (valid for 30 days) and a detailed design plan for your sign off. We require 80% upfront payment within 30 days to hold your place in our production schedule.  

Step 3. Prototyping

Next, a 'toile' or prototype will be made, and we will book the 1st fitting. The prototype will ensure that the fit is right and that the 'mechanics' of the costume perform as expected. This fitting is critical to ensuring that the final garment will require few to no alterations. Only minor changes to the design will be possible at this time. 

Step 4. Fit & Fine-tuning

Once the final garment/ensemble is created, we will book a 2nd fitting and plan any final details. Once we sign off on the completed costume, we require the final 20% payment before the product is collected. 

Additional information:

  • To reflect the high quality of our work, burlesque costumes begin at $2000AUD.

  • We are unable to accept commissions with a lead time of less than 3 months. 

  • If you are expecting any fluctuation in your size, please let us know. We may suggest different fabrics or add wider seams to accommodate future alterations. 

  • We do not offer alterations for costumes made by other local designers.

  • We can collaborate with other local designers to embellish your costume. 


Let’s Work Together

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